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My lovely daughters,Guinea Pigs!

   Let me introduce my daughters to you. I'll show you some pictures of my daughter and cool links related with Guinea Pigs. 
Last uptade July,22,1997

Sleeping in their cage. (42.5kb)
  Guinea Pigs are lovely pets. I have two daughters. They eat hey or pellets mainly, their most favorite food is a lettuce. They eat it as much as I feed. They usually spend their life with sleeping and eating. I use old newspapers as their bedding and change their bedding once a day. Somebody says that using newspapers for their bedding is bad for piggies health, but it doesn't cause any problem so far.   
   The guinea pig with black and white hair is  Scotchi, she is 4 month old, and brown one is Mokochi, 6 month old.  
   The picture on the right hand is a little bit old. Scotchi has grown up now, Her size is  twice bigger than the picture. Whenever I see Scotchi, she eats something. I guess she is going to be bigger than Mokochi.
Side by side (45.5kb)
Please,feed us (39.1kb)
  When I go to kitchen, they put on their forelegs on the food container and begin to ask me to feed some food, they usually expect to be fed a lettuce, and wheep terribly.    


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